What to eat before and after training ?

Are you always in doubt of what to eat as a pre and post workout snack? Eating well and taking care of the nutrients that are included in your body is very important, whether or not you’re in physical training. It is then when your body stays healthy and protected from possible problems.

Did you know, when fasting, your body can lose lean body mass and even suffer hypoglycemia? Whoever doesn’t eat up to three hours before and after exercise may not have the expected income and even suffer blackouts during training. So the food before and after exercise is very important.

When the athlete is in training, nutrition should be viewed with even more care, as it may worsen or improve physical performance. Therefore, foods that are added into the diet, especially before and after training, will be of fundamental importance.

Among the nutrients that should be in the meals of the athletes, carbohydrates and proteins are the most viewed. Each of these has a value, which is seen during training.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body. They can be divided into two groups: complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are broken down more slowly in the body, not releasing energy very quickly. The simple carbohydrates give energy almost instantly.

Each of these carbohydrates can be used in a similar way: the simple, giving energy quickly, can be used before exercise, giving energy to perform activities; already complex, can be added to food in a period of low activity, or longer exercises such as long distance running, especially for maintaining the body’s energy for a longer time.

Since proteins are the main sources of muscle building, most athletes consume a large amount of this nutrient. They are responsible for making the muscle cells multiply, increasing the muscles. Thus, protein can be added at any time and at any meal, but are most effective when the muscles are rebuilding after training – because that’s when they cause small lesions in the muscle fibers.

For strength training, choose light food, but that will give you power for longer. You can merge foods with simple carbohydrates, which give instant energy, with complex carbohydrates that will give your body energy for longer.

The ideal time is to eat these snacks 40 minutes before starting the exercise. The digestion time for these foods can provide energy and nutrients during training and also allow you to not go through any discomfort during exercise with a full stomach.

See 3 snack suggestions to eat before and after training:

Before training

Option 1 – Baked sweet potato with grilled chicken fillet or canned tuna.

Option 2 – Omelette with 4 egg whites and 1 egg yolk mixed with 3 tablespoons of whole oats.

Option 3 – Whole wheat bread with a slice of grilled chicken fillet and beetroot juice.

After training

Option 1 – Whole wheat bread with some protein and one of either: chicken breast, fish such as tuna, cottage cheese or ricotta, plus nonfat yogurt with no sugar

Option 2 – Fruit salad with cottage cheese; (fruits are to restore the energy spent during training and the cottage cheese source of protein for muscle building). You can sprinkle on top: whey protein, albumin or casein.

Option 3 – Yogurt with granola without added sugar, in both. To increase the amount of protein in the meal, you can add a measure of whey protein, albumin or casein.

Be sure to take plenty of water, eat more often and in smaller portions, exercise moderately, and always consult a physician and a professional expert!!!

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