What Is High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT)?

What is HIRT?

HIRT, translating “high intensity resistance training”. It is a training system that uses the same HIIT (high intensity interval training), which are the intervals followed series of high-intensity, but with weights, rather than aerobic exercise.

The training is suitable for those who want to lose weight and advanced students who have reached a plateau effect and want to break it. It should be emphasized, however, that it is a heavy protocol, which makes makes it unsuitable for beginners.

Benefits of HIRT

The HIRT has numerous applications and can be used for numerous purposes. The HIRT training increases muscle mass by the intensity of the workout. This method handles several of intensity, especially for loading and recovery, to produce the best gains. HIRT stimulates the contractile tissue and therefore can stimulate the anabolism, preventing catabolism. It is not a training used by bodybuilders and, perhaps not the best method to do so. However, considering that this is not the goal of most people, it is entirely appropriate that one can contemplate the possibility of using this system.

The greatest benefit, however, is the oxidation of fats. Because of its high intensity, this workout makes you continue spending power for up to 22 hours after the end of training, inducing lipolysis.

More than that, the HIRT was performed in approximately 4 times less time than traditional training. That is, makes you grow up, slim down and is still much faster than traditional training.

So, the HIRT basically aims to intensify and balance these factors in order to produce rapid muscle wastage and enhance the EPOC effect (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, informally called afterburn). Although having some effectiveness in hypertrophy, the HIRT applies more interesting way when the objective is to lose weight or simply to improve muscle definition.

If this is your case, look for a physical educator to enter the HIRT into your routine gradually, with fewer sets and loads and longer pauses to rest.

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