What is Crossfit?

If you are thinking of starting to exercise, but can not imagine in the gym environment, there are other options as good as or even better for health care. Crossfit is a training program aimed at muscle strengthening and body conditioning as a whole. This type of training was widely used by teams of special police of the United States as the SWAT, the army and even by athletes. In this exercise you will train strength, agility, coordination, balance and cardiorespiratory endurance all in just one hour a day.

The Crossfit series focus on the development of ten skills: speed, strength, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, flexibility, coordination, power, agility, precision and balance. They leave the student with a good physical fitness and therefore are ideal in preparation for intense events such as steeplechase.

Crossfit is the combination of weight lifting exercises, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning activities (running, cycling and rowing). Classes last about an hour and are divided into three steps: heating and dynamic stretching; technique, in which students learn or perfect some exercises; and finally, the most expected part, the WOD (Work Out of The Day) which consists in performing the exercises learned in the previous step and intensively in the shortest time possible or in as many series at any given time.

The intent is to exercise in a very intense way, without breaks and without rest. The idea is to go to as much as your body allows reaching complete exhaustion. The sequence of exercises using the whole body: arms and legs are always moving performing jumps, up and down stairs, climbing ropes, making moves zig zag with cones or tires scattered on the ground, in short, just take a little creativity . With so intense exercise, the carbohydrate consumption occurs very quickly and thus the consumption of fat as an energy source begins long before the 20 to 30 minutes, which is the most normal place.

And no need to worry, the workouts are periodized and balanced during the week, not to overload a body part. For beginners, it is recommended to make two to three classes per week. Experienced students may take four to five times, provided they have no joint problems. Although the classes are collective and exercises the same, each makes the individual load and according to the level of conditioning.

The exercises must be accompanied by a good coach as much challenges the fitness of each person! Care has to be big, that as much demand of the body, there may be risk of injury. Before actually starting the training, the student has to go through lessons to learn the basics and the proper execution of each exercise when you are ready then, you can begin the classes.

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