Tips to get out of sedentary lifestyle

You have probably heard that practicing physical activity offers numerous health benefits. In return, you must know how negative and dangerous it is to be a sedentary person.

Sedentary lifestyle is the lack or decrease of physical activity in the routine. Considered by many experts as one of the disease of the century, it is associated with the daily behavior arising from the comforts of modern life, which often prevent us from leaving the couch.

If you care about that, but it’s the kind of person who does not like going to the gym or playing sports, know that all is not lost. There are simple exercises and even some day-to-day actions that can help you get out of sedentary lifestyle.

If you have a caloric expenditure reduced weekly by the absence of sports practice can already be considered sedentary, a lifestyle that can bring several negative consequences for health, such as functional regression, loss of joint flexibility, and increase in the occurrence of various diseases , such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, increased cholesterol and myocardial infarction.

Check out some tips to become more active and improve your quality of life:

– Make a physical assessment

Look for a physical educator and a cardiologist to perform an assessment of flexibility, muscle strength, body composition, cardiopulmonary and ergometric testing. This test is important to define what type of activity we can do and measure which result will be achieved through exercise.

– Set a goal

Try to set medium- and long-term goals. Remember that we are talking about health and quality of life.

– Choose a pleasurable activity

Find something you like to do. The best activity is one that you feel pleasure and desire to do and is also more likely to continue doing.

– Start slow, but be continuous

Do not try to have an athlete’s life. The beginning of the practice of physical activity for a sedentary is always difficult. Aches, fatigue, tiredness and muscles that you never thought you had will start to hurt. So start slowly and over time increase the “doses” of exercise.

– Invest in this “new life”

To get out of sedentary lifestyle, we must create new habits. Do not give up after the first month of training. Remember that we need persistence in this step. Many doctors usually prescribe the exercises as medicine, which should always be practiced at all stages of life (child, adolescent, young, adult and elderly).

Simple Exercises and Tips to Get Rid of Sedentary Life

  1. Walk a little more

Park the car intentionally in a more distant location from work. With this, of course you can walk more without great efforts.

  1. Ride a bike

Another suggestion is to change the car by bicycle to go to work or to perform actions such as going to the bakery, grocery stores, pharmacy.

  1. Dancing

Dance is also a good alternative with the advantage of being playful and often motivating for those who want to get out of sedentary lifestyle. It can be practiced in gyms, dance schools or simply at home.

  1. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an activity that can be performed at home or outdoors. It’s fun and still burns good calories.

  1. Up and down stairs

Going up and down stairs purposely at home is a good way to exercise without having to go to the gym. But the tip is to adhere to the habit of going up and down stairs whenever possible: if you work in a building with an elevator, avoid it; When you go to the mall, get away from the escalators, etc.

  1. Take the dog for a walk

Bringing your dog for a walk for at least 30 minutes is a great way to get out of sedentary lifestyle. In addition, you will be doing very well to the health and well-being of your pet.

Once you get accustomed, practicing an activity becomes pleasurable, it is a natural and effective trend. The activity needs to be easy to become a commitment, it has to be somewhere close to home or work and the incentive already appears in the first month – when it is already possible to perceive the results. The fact is that to get out of sedentariness and conquer the body of dreams, there is no magic formula: you have to start moving as soon as possible.

Do not forget: Take a medical examination before starting any type of physical activity and if there are restrictions, you and your personal trainer need to be aware.

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