The greener, the better

There is no doubt that green is the color of choice for vegetables. But, do you know what the benefits of green vegetables are for your health?

Vegetables and green vegetables, as a first step, are an important source of nutrients for our health, as we provide minerals, vitamins and fiber. Its distinctive color is due to an essential component of chlorophyll. Studies claim that this compound serves to improve heart function, prevent anemia, also antioxidants from green vegetables are responsible for avoiding deterioration and cellular aging and to prevent the onset of cancer. They are perfect for reducing the damage caused by environmental pollution and toxics such as cigarette smoke, it is for the smoker and for being in contact with people who have this habit.

Nutritionists suggest that consumption of green vegetables should be at least three cups a week, that is, half a cup a day. It is not so much the amount required and the truth is that they are highly recommended for our health.

Fresh green vegetables variety on rustic white background from overhead, broccoli, celery, avocado, brussel sprouts, kiwi, pepper, peas, beans, lettuce,

Photo: Fresh green vegetables variety on rustic white background from overhead, broccoli, celery, avocado, brussel sprouts, kiwi, pepper, peas, beans, lettuce.

The benefits of chlorophyll, basically, are the ones who stand out in these foods. In addition to the aforementioned, it is proven to help improve the immune system. What benefit? So you will not get sick as often.

In addition, they are composed of essential nutrients, and in the long run will serve to control your weight, because they have almost no calories and are satisfying. Folic acid has become the ideal food for pregnant or nursing women, also for those suffering from problems in their defense by illness, stress, or certain medications. Other interesting components are magnesium and potassium, which are not achieved in processed foods, for example. Not to forget the dietary fiber that prevents constipation or vitamin C (which is also used to prevent flu or colds).

Some of the green vegetables you should add to your diet are: rocket, chard, spinach, broccoli, kale and lettuce. All have vitamins, calcium, folic acid, iron and protein.

Some green leafy vegetables and nutrients:

– Vitamin A: is mainly found in watercress, chicory on in endive, cabbage-type butter in the leaves of parsley and mustard.

– Vitamin E: is present in spinach, cauliflower, in leaves and even in lettuce.

– Vitamin K: is found in vegetables like spinach, cauliflower and lettuce leaves.

– Vitamin B1: is preferably in mustard greens, asparagus and watercress.

– Folic Acid in the form of folate: is mainly found in spinach, broccoli and asparagus.

– Potassium can be found preferably in spinach and lettuce curly leaf;

– Calcium present in mustard greens, spinach, curly lettuce, cabbage-type butter and broccoli.

For those who do not like the characteristic bitter taste of these vegetables, season them with herbs, sauces, lemon or with olive oil to give more flavor to the dish.


Tip: When eating a source of vitamin C with the dark green vegetables, it increases the absorption of iron. Some options: take orange juice, season with lemon or eat a fruit after the meal.

Some leaves, especially cabbage, mint and celery, usually part of the green juices, called Detox smoothies, have using a blender, along with other ingredients and coconut water, and it will leave a delight.

It is worth noting that, consumption of any food should always be preceded by adequate hygiene, even greater care in relation to the leaves of vegetables because vegetables in general are more exposed to contamination of microorganisms. The recommendation is to keep a blend of vinegar and water at a 1 to 3 ratio in a spray bottle – it will make cleaning smooth-skinned produce easier. Use the spray bottle to mist the vegetable, thoroughly coating its exterior with the vinegar solution. Allow the produce to rest for 5 minutes before rubbing its surface and rinsing it under cold, running water. This removes all vinegar taste. Drain well and prepare.

One of myy recipe’s of green juice:


2 oranges

1 carrot

½ cucumber

1 cup kale leaves

1 cup spinach leaves

1 handful blueberries


Add all ingredients to the juicer or blender and blend it. Add raw honey and stir well.

Orange-Kale-Green-Smoothie_PS_2Photo by Perry Santanachote

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