The constant changes in the routine to improve results

Reach new goals, improve our fitness and our health is something we are looking at all costs. To achieve this, I propose a different way to train to get the most out of our body and get the results to be surprising.

Keep the same pace, without requiring development of the body, in addition to not give visible results, reduces health gains. So this time I want to propose a different way of training the body without incurring a huge risk or overexertion.

Usually when it comes to surprise the muscles with different routines, we usually changed the exercises from time to time. For many years, it remained appropriate to vary the training routine every two months or more, to try new training angles and reach parts of the muscles that usually do not arrive and we do not touch them as they deserve.

What we propose goes beyond this simple table change training from time to time. First what is necessary for the routines that I propose is a detailed and need different exercises that we have to work all the knowledge of the body. In addition to this, we need to know how they are performed correctly. Control is essential and therefore we want to give this recommendation in this post, this is not for beginners, but for the people who control the maximum workout routines and its variants.

Constantly vary the exercises

The first rule to avoid stagnation when training is constantly vary the exercises. For this reason I recommend it is to have a wide range of possibilities for each muscle group and area thereof and alternate them every workout routine, so that the muscles never get used and constantly have to train with a new angle, or some different movements that will be involved in one part or another.


Changing the intensity and development routines

But not only the exercises should be changed, but the way to do it. Usually we tend to follow a pattern of reps and sets also repeated although we are changing exercise. This representation is a maintenance work intensity. But we want to go even further with training and also variations in the intensity to achieve better results.

To this will prevent the establishment of a pattern of performing the exercises. So one week we will work with the series up and close with the fall. Or, instead of a week will do ten reps and the next eight or six. To do this, we must also vary the load, which will be lighter when we do more repetitions and heavier when they concentrate more and perform fewer repetitions.

These variations what they will do is maximize the potential of our muscles while avoiding the same fibers in the same area working. Thus, the routine will never be a problem in practice, which will make it and through which succeed grow and become stronger and stronger.

The right time to raise the load in the weight, change training, enhance the walk on the treadmill or start running, however, is directly related to the dedication of the student and the goal: increase muscle mass, set or slim down.

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