Stretching: Why It Is Important!

Before and after physical activities it is necessary to lengthen the body. Stretching increases and maintains the flexibility of muscles, making them ready and warmed up for upcoming activities. After exercise, they eliminate the stresses, relaxing the muscles that were all the time in motion.

They are especially important in the case of people running, cycling, swimming, playing tennis or doing other strenuous exercises, because activities like these promote tension and inflexibility. In addition, stretching avoids many injuries, such as strains, inflammations, etc.

Stretching for beginners can be a bit more complicated, because the muscle is not accustomed to the movement, it generates a difficulty and pain during the exercises. But after some time, with a certain regularity, the movements become easy and even delicious.

Benefits of Stretching

– Relaxation

– Reduction of muscular tension

– Benefits for coordination – movements become easier and lighter

– Prevention of Injuries

– Facilitates wear activities (running, swimming, cycling, tennis)

– Increase in malleability

– Develops body awareness as the person focuses on the part of the body that is being stretched;

– Activates movement

– Helps to release movements blocked by emotional tensions

All people can learn to stretch independently of age and physical fitness. It is good to do stretches when you do it correctly, respecting your muscular structure, your flexibility and your personal limits.

Regularity and relaxation are the most important factors for stretching, which should be done slowly and without tension. No balancing, as these stiffen the muscle you are trying to lengthen. Take a comfortable position and support it by relaxing the muscle. Stay in this position for 10 to 30 seconds. Do not hold your breath, keep breathing slow and controlled.

It is important to stretch properly before and after exercise. Before, to prepare the body for the requirements that will follow and avoid injury during physical activity. After exercise, to return to the resting state by eliminating excess lactic acid produced during it.

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