Sometimes Less is More

To achieve the body of dreams, do we need to spend hours at the gym?

Not at all! Today, the trend is contrary: less quantity and better quality. When it comes to strength training, people often take the philosophy “more is always more” into the gym, but what these people do not know is that the philosophy of the gym is not quite that.

When we practice a sport, we must think of exercise as a balance between work and rest. The work is when the muscle stimulates development and the rest is when the muscles actually grow. If this is not respected, the muscle will always be in constant stress and never reaches your peak performance.

For starters, train two to three times a week with weight training in a shorter amount of time. This allows you to perform additional activities that will bring you better results. As for the intermediate and advanced, gym-goers can train four to six times a week with lower volume workouts thus increasing the intensity, reaching the final result within the expected time. Short workouts with exercises at maximum intensity and few rest breaks, are up.

No wonder that even though we look like great athletes, observe a resting level proportional to the training. With rare exceptions, hardly we observe athletes who overcome excessive levels of training. Larger bodies were built with plenty of rest and not necessarily a lot of training, but strenuous workout, refutes the idea of ​​”more is better” .

There are four areas of utmost importance to athletes: training, constant hydration, balanced diet and rest. For example, when you don’t sleep enough, reaction times suffer, sustained performance drops and there is a decline in overall physical functioning. Moreover, monitoring and warning statements may result in poor performance and can possibly cause injury.

So, always remember that if you really want significant gains, you must rest properly to provide gains to the body. Training hard has proven to be one of the main and most frequent problems among individuals who do not get results.

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    By: Amanda Branco

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