How to Breathe During Exercise

We know that breathing is of vital importance to our body. However, we rarely worry about it when we are practicing a physical exercise. It is known that a strong and well trained body will bring great improvement in breathing during exercise and, as a consequence, a better performance.

Breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. This form of breathing is popularly known as one of the most effective to oxygenate the body because the air enters warm and filtered in the lung. However, during sports, the way of breathing does not have to follow a single pattern, after all, depending on the physical exercise, different forms of breathing must be performed. This is what many sports professionals are advocating.

The correct breathing is one that facilitates the oxygen flow and the carbon dioxide output of the body. In this way, mouth breathing is not wrong, but essential for athletes, because the nose is not always able to meet the need for ventilation through the body. Although the air does not get humidified and filtered, the mouth is the fastest way for air to enter.

In bodybuilding practice, the best way to breathe is to exhale when effort is made and to inspire the return of movement. The same should be done during the abs. When the athlete climbs the body, it should exhale and, when descending, fill the lung again.

In running as well as swimming, there is no single rule. The important thing is to be aware of the pace of exercise. It is possible to breathe through the nose at the beginning of the movements and, after increasing intensity, begin the inspiration through the mouth.

Remember that in order to perform well in your activities, you must have control of as many variables as possible, including breathing. In your next workout, pay attention to how you breathe, feel, and contract all the muscles involved in this process. Sometimes the solution to some discomfort during physical activity is simpler than it seems. When you get to know your body better, you turn your weaknesses into strengths.

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