Practicing physical activity is important and contributes to the maintenance of a healthy life. For some women one of the major problems of daily physical activity are the damage to the hair. The hair loses nutrients and are mistreated when they are tied and when they are exposed to perspiration and other factors. Sweat takes care of the scalp, which eventually causes in some cases seborrheic dermatitis. However, you can maintain healthy hair even with the workout. Simply knowing what the appropriate care before, during and after training.

Before the training

To protect hair before physical activity, the specialists indicate combing cream with small drops of vegetable oil. Vegetable oil has antioxidant, so it protects the hair fighting free radicals and dryness that sweat causes.

Argan oil and avocado are the most suitable against oxidation. Avocado oil has a high content of vitamin A and vitamin E and other vitamins such as B1 and B2. But the argan oil has antioxidant with omega 3 and 9, which allows better define and treat the color of dyed hair.

Why sweat affect the hair?

The hair when they receive a higher percentage of sweat are opaque, dull and oily, besides being less resistant and may break easily. The name given to this excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis that is caused by the lack of glands. The sweat is composed of water mining + salts + sodium chloride and when making a heavy physical activity body produces too much sweat, especially in hair and scalp area that needs to breathe.

When the sweat is starting to dry out what will be left on the surface of our skin, hair and scalp is just a salt layer acting on our body, this is when the hair and scalp begin to suffer negative actions of salt on it. So we should coat the hair before physical activity, allowing the salt when dry on our hair it will be protected with a thin layer of lipids (Vegetable Oil) to which we have applied with the comb cream.

After the training

You must remove with a good wash all the accumulation of dirt and sweat that went into the scalp. Washing will remove the oil and the salt produced by sweat, is recommended for all people.

After washing, you need to moisturize your hair with conditioners with silicone, poliquartenium, D-panthenol and protein.

Hairstyles tips for workout

There are various hairstyles, women can opt for the famous ponytail, bun or make a braid, among others. During physical activity, the hair should be tied, because when the hair is loose is more exposed to sweat. You must attach the hair with lined fabric elastic, never use this stretch without lining, they can break your hair.


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