Functional juices – numerous benefits for your health!

The so-called functional juices, or also called detoxifying juices, energizers, antioxidants (depending on composition), are nothing more than mixtures of fruits and vegetables. Besides tasty and nutritious these juices has a number of benefits to those who consume them. The benefits range from an improvement in the functioning of organs such as the intestine and the liver to treat ailments such as constipation, also clean the body, help lose weight, strengthen the skin, hair and give more energy.

The only reservation that must be done is for those who just want to drink juices, replacing the normal meals. This measure is discouraged by nutrition experts, as much as they are nutritious, do not replace a good balanced diet. It is essential that in addition to juices, keep the consumption of vitamins, proteins and minerals not present in juices, but fundamental to our body. The ingredients – fruits, vegetables and green leaves – have antioxidant and eliminate toxins. But alone, the juice has a limited effect. To take advantage of its benefits, the whole diet needs to be balanced.


Here are some recipes of functional juices with different purposes.

1. Juice for constipation


4 prunes, pitted

1 tablespoon of oat bran

½ papaya

200 ml of fresh orange juice


Beat the ingredients in a blender and drink without strain.

2. Green juice to detoxify


2 thick slices of watermelon

1 small bunch of parsley

2 apples

2 stalks celery with leaves

3 fennel stalks (or fennel)

1 carrot

2 oranges

2 cabbage leaves

1 whole cucumber

1 pear

1 handful of alfalfa sprouts


Beat all ingredients in a blender and sweeten with honey. The juice can be strained or consumed naturally with the buds, skins and seeds.

3. Beet juice to improve physical performance, regular bowel function and help to have a beautiful and healthy tan.


1 glass of 350ml of fresh orange juice

½ small beetroot (raw and shelled)

1 medium carrot peeled

1 level tablespoon of chia


Beat the ingredients in a blender and drink without strain.

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