Benefits of Pilates: Reasons Everyone Should Try Pilates

Pilates is a technique that works the mind and body together, and has as basic principles: concentration, control, centralization, precision and breathing. These aspects are responsible for harmonizing the organism during practice. Strength, toning and stretching are worked from the inside out to the body, making it strong, elegant and healthy.

Created in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, it promotes the re-education of movements through exercises totally based on human anatomy and aimed at favoring the aesthetics and overall well-being of the practitioner. In Pilates, movements are carried out unhurriedly and with enough control to ward off stress and fatigue.

Pilates is suitable for people of all ages and can be performed by men, women, pregnant women and the elderly who already practice some type of physical activity and also for the sedentary, helping to stretch and strengthen muscles, improve strength and flexibility of the whole body.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates benefits go beyond working strength, flexibility, stretching, posture and breathing. Your body begins to work in conjunction with your mind, transforming your quality of life in a dynamic way.

– Reduction of stress, chronic pain and stress;

– Stimulation of the circulatory system and oxygenation of blood;

– Greater joint mobility, flexibility and muscle relaxation;

– Improved breathing (respiratory cardiopathy is improved);

– The technique of deep breathing allows a greater oxygenation of the blood and, thus, the body starts to function better;

– Gain of consciousness and body balance;

– Improvement of motor coordination;

– Increased physical and mental fitness;

– Postural correction;

– Facilitates lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins;

– Strengthening of internal organs.

The method works on strengthening the body, especially the abdominal muscles, lengthens and provides flexibility, develops body awareness and improves coordination. In addition, it helps to decompress spinal injuries, makes joints more mobile, develops the muscles that support the spine, relieving chronic pain in the region and increases the capacity for muscle contraction. By enabling more specific muscle training for the spine and vertebral stabilization, Pilates becomes an effective ally in the post-treatment of pathologies associated with the spine (disc hernia, low back pain, degenerative discopathy, osteoarthritis) and in the prevention of back pain .

Pilates helps to lose weight?

Pilates when performed in conjunction with diet and other physical activity, helps you to lose weight. However, when used as the only form of treatment this method is not as effective for weight loss because it does not generate a large fat loss per se.

A scientific paper published in 2011 states that the practice of endurance exercises, such as Pilates, for approximately 8 weeks is able to decrease liver fat by 13%.

Even though these numbers do not appear directly on the scale, regular physical exercise like Pilates helps you lose weight because it speeds up your metabolism and promotes muscle building, which increases your caloric expenditure even at a standstill.

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