Benefits of Naval Rope Training

The naval rope has this name because it really is a naval rope used in ports and boats, the sizes vary from 9, 12 and 15 meters, the diameter can range from 1.5 to 2 inches, reaching up to 25kg. They’re a must-have tool for anyone looking to pack on lean mass. They also provide a killer cardio workout.

In training you perform various wave movements on the naval rope. The main job is for the upper limbs, but the CORE region and the legs contract all the time to maintain balance.

The rope training is a high intensity exercise, used in functional training and much used for HIIT and training in Crossfit.

How to train with the naval rope?

There are a variety of exercises that you can perform with the naval rope, from simple movements and go increase the complexity of the movements.

Basically, the exercise works like this: the two ends of the rope are held by the student, while a pole or a pylon works as support for the activity.

The options of movement are very varied: they can be diagonal, high, low, vertical, horizontal and even accompanied by squats. In general, however, the movements are undulatory, seeking to strengthen the upper limbs with the high level of intensity required to perform the exercise on a constant basis.

The exercises always have an average duration of 30 seconds. The abdomen should be tightly contracted throughout the exercise and the spine should remain straight. The rope training can be done with one arm at a time, with both arms on the move, with leg work, or abdomen.

It is not just wave movement that the rope training exists, you can still make that force to climb it by hanging, pulling and lifting.

Benefits of Rope Training

The benefits of the rope workout are virtually the same as the HIIT and workout for CORE, the undulating movement require contractions of several muscles at the same time to hold firm in place.

  • Increase Anaerobic and Lactic Acid Resistance;
  • Fat burning during and post-workout;
  • Increase VO2 (ability of the body to consume oxygen);
  • Increase upper limb resistance;
  • Strengthening of the lumbar, abdominal and pelvic region;
  • Calorie expenditure can reach 600 calories per class.

It should also be noted that the periodization with naval ropes is very important to achieve the objectives it needs. But care must be taken: if used incorrectly, naval rope can be detrimental to health by requiring too much of the lower back muscles. Be aware of posture and always seek the advice of a professional to maximize the benefits to your physical conditioning and minimize the risk of injury.

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