I work with some awesome clients. They make my day when I see them working hard towards achieving their goals. The hard work and determination they put in makes my job worthwhile! Read below some of the nice things they had to say about working with me.

Working with Amanda was not only fun she became a good friend of mine. She motivated me and encouraged me to train hard and eat well. She prepared monthly exercise and meal plans which enabled me to transform my body and prepare me for fitness competitions. I had a great experience with Amanda. A true professional in this industry 😊💪


During last summer I have spent 5 weeks in London training with Amanda. Among all the trainers at the gym I joined, she was the most skills personal trainer. From the beginning she gave me a workout plan and a food plan. I followed it step by step, with determination and with her help. She always pushed me to my limits in order to achieve the best results. The workouts were intense and very goal specific. She tailored them specifically to what I needed. From the first few weeks i started to feel better, healthier and I could see concrete results. Even though I moved to another country, I still follow her plan and tips. On top of being the best personal trainer I have ever had, she also became a good friend.


I have been working with Amanda for over a year now, and she has been the best personal trainer I've had the pleasure of working with. She is so kind and caring, and will always motivate me to work hard and achieve my goals. She has also become a great friend in this wonderful journey.

Umer Saeed

I first saw Amanda (and her six pack) in the gym changing room and I went straight up and asked if she would train me. Since then she's revolutionised both my training and my body shape. I quote: "It's all about the butt darling!" I always thought working out was about getting skinny but Amanda has taught me to be a strong, lean fit woman and how to have body confidence. She is tougher than any guy I've trained with and doesn't let me get away with anything, but it's always delivered in a firm but caring way. And she always has a little twinkle in her eye so I don't mind (most of the time 😜) Anyway, it's all about the butt now!


I was working out with Amanda before my budget underwent a major cut. I was looking for someone that would motivate me, as it's not easy to combine exercise with studies and work. In short: mission accomplished! I contacted Amanda and, in less than a week, I was already training, with nutrition tips and with supplements she suggested. We both decided together on an appropriate training plan. The workout was always challenging and fun and she put a lot of time into designing the sessions, which were full of variety. She totally understands my limits and made sure there was no risk of injury. I always left each session feeling exhilarated. I could notice my body changing within a few sessions. She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Amanda cares about each and everyone of her clients; she was and is a very positive, beautiful soul, and taught me to love my body, heart, and mind. Amanda, thank you for the assistance and for the help with achieving my goals. I know I'll return to train with you soon!