8 Weeks to Gorgeous Abs

Follow this 8-week workout plan for a slim and toned tummy

It is true that when the goal is to dry the belly, you need a task force to get there – the right exercises, balanced diet and willpower to properly follow a set routine. But that does not mean spending a lot of time doing dozens of sit-ups.

I drew up a series of three abdominals exercises, totally focused for localized fat. The abdomen is set quickly. Excited? You only need 15 minutes and a little corner at home or at the gym, and keep consistent in your daily workout, not forgetting to always allow a day of rest for the muscles to recover.

I suggest to do it three times a week, every other day. Complete all sets of an exercise and then go to the next and, if your a beginner, you can rest 20 seconds between one set and another. If you are used to training, you can do these without resting in-between.

First of all, we warm-up the core abdominal appropriately. For this, do 5-10 minutes of low intensity cardio with some exercises that help us to activate your abs without exhaustion, such as short sets of squats and push-ups. Once you have warmed up, you are ready to get going with this abdominal routine in 10 minutes!

1 – Leg Raises (20 reps)


2 – Bicycle Crunches (30 reps)


3 – 60 Second Plank




Tips to get a flat stomach!

Some attitudes combined with the workout can help you set off the “fanny pack effect” and gain a negative belly!

  1. Fill your refrigerator with lean protein. Research shows that a rich menu nutrient helps burn abdominal fat.
  2. In the evenings, take it easy. After all, during this period, the body goes into resting phase and you burn fewer calories.
  3. No snacking while having a drink. Reason being that your body will mobilize to burn the calories of alcohol, and the food will turn into fat reserves.
  4. Be aware of labels, especially the levels of trans and saturated fat and sodium. If consumed in excess, it can cause bloating.
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    By: Amanda Branco

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