7 Tips to Keep Diet, Focus and Weight on Vacation

Do you want to go on vacation but do not want to leave your healthy routine?

Thinking about who is traveling and wants to continue going strong in life fitness, I prepare some pretty cool tips that will help you not to lose focus. Look that:

  1. Stay focused

This is the first and most important tip, because when you travel focused, you can better bypass the temptations and challenges that will appear during the journey. Focus on the result you want for your life, not on the scale or a weight for a specific event. This will ensure that your decisions carry greater weight in your goal.

  1. Stay in a hostel or rent a house

Renting houses, apartments or hostels is always more interesting than staying at hotels because you can buy and make healthier food than the ones served in these establishments. If the hotel is still the first option, choose rooms with a minibar, so you can store healthy snacks and fruit.

  1. Go to the supermarket

Arriving at the destination, the first day already has to include a visit to the market of the city. Make a list of the foods you usually consume in your diet – or at least the equivalent or similar.

  1. Do not consume carbohydrate at night

  Opt for protein, salad and other foods other than carbohydrates because if after you consume them you go to sleep, your body will start to relax and it will go into a much slower metabolism. Prefer to eat carbohydrates throughout the day when they can be used as a source of energy.

  1. Limit Alcohol Consumption

Limit alcoholic beverages and give preference to water, tea, natural juices and coconut water.

  1. Get daily physical activity

This is the easiest and most difficult tip. Everyone puts their gym clothes and running shoes in their suitcases, is always optimistic about walking on the beach, running in the park, but few put it into practice. There has to be an effort, even if it’s a 15 minutes walk. Try to schedule yourself to wake up early, jog, exercise. Physical activity helps you maintain weight while you are traveling and relax your mind and body. If the hotel has a gym, enjoy the space;

  1. Move yourself! Go walking!

Make as many moves as possible. Instead of elevator, use the stairs; Instead of car or bus, go walking.

These are just a few simple tips you can follow so you do not lose focus and come back from the holidays upset because you have gained a few pounds. Put all this in practice, but do not forget to make the most of the trip, after all, vacations are also made to enjoy!

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    By: Amanda Branco

    My name is Amanda Branco and I help people achieve their dream bodies! Whether you’re training for a competition, looking to lose weight, bulk up or get defined, I can make it happen!

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