For most people, Monday is synonymous with busy schedule and full of obligations. Often this thinking is connected to the disconnection of the person with the functions performed at work. For example, artists are certainly bored with activities that demand repetition. For other people it may be the simple lack of motivation. Below, I will show you how to start and end this joyous and motivated day.

  1. Change perception

The idea that Mondays are boring has been spreading for decades. Maybe that’s why you think of them as something bad. To change the course of things, devise a fun tradition to start each week, such as a special breakfast or a routine lunch with friends. After a while, your mind will start to face Mondays in a completely different way.

  1. Have a Purpose

Work should be seen as an important factor in achieving what you go. Set your life purpose, it’s much easier to get up on Monday with the same bump that you had not weekend.

 3. Have affirmative thoughts

One important exercise is affirmation. It is what you say to yourself in that moment of laziness. Think of people who inspire you and motivational phrases, always think of small goals you want to accomplish throughout the year. To make that incredible vacation trip, you need to get out of bed on a Monday and work hard on the work week.

4. Control your blood pressure

With a simple breathing exercise: just inhale and exhale deeply for 30 seconds. But what does the pressure have to do with Monday? The fact is that migrating from a quiet day, like Sunday, to a routine full of tasks causes blood pressure to increase and stress to appear.

5. Exercise in moderation

Exercising too hard at the gym on Monday will only cause you to start the week with body aches. Moderate activity releases a series of substances that give more courage to face the days to come. Also remember to maintain a balanced diet to recover the body from exercise wear.

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    By: Amanda Branco

    My name is Amanda Branco and I help people achieve their dream bodies! Whether you’re training for a competition, looking to lose weight, bulk up or get defined, I can make it happen!

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