10 Tips for a Perfect Skin


Beautiful skin is synonymous with health, youth and of course beauty. Makeup can help disguise imperfections, but there is nothing better than your skin look beautiful alone. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money with the best market creams, you only need to follow a few small easy, fast and cheap advice.

To have a perfect skin and be naturally beautiful, it is important to take some basic beauty care, in addition to feeling good about yourself.

Here are 10 secrets for skin care:

1 – Daily hydration

The skin suffers constantly attacks from pollution to warm years and the use of makeup. The idea is to moisturize your skin daily with a special cream for your skin type. Even oily skin requires daily hydration.

2 – Skin care during the night and day

It is not enough just to apply cream in the morning or before bed , beauty routines should always be four steps to take in the morning and evening. Cleanse, tone , treat and moisturize.

3 – Sunscreen

It is essential for your health every day, not just when you go to the beach. Daily use of sunscreen, even on cloudy days, it is important to prevent aging and keep the skin free of wrinkles and blemishes longer.

4 – Cold water

Especially for those who have oily skin, this is a trick of gold; wash face and hair with cold water is basic. Hot water agrede skin dryness cause, stimulates production of oiliness. Avoid washing the face several times a day, even in summer; wash more than twice a day.

5 – Makeup

Always use quality products according to your skin type . If your skin is extra sensitive , use hypoallergenic lines. Poor makeup may cause allergies and worsen the condition of the skin. Never sleep with makeup : use a makeup remover and wash your face . Sleeping makeup clogs the pores , blackheads and pimples form , and leave the skin more oily .

6 – Stress

Staying tense makes us contract the facial muscles can cause wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes . Stress can also cause imbalance in our body leading to the incidence of acne.

7 – Sleep

A good night’s sleep is a real tonic for the skin , promoting nutrition and detoxification of the body. In addition, it restores your energy.

8 – Drink lots of water

Do not wait to be thirsty, because this is the first symptom of dehydration. Experts recommend about 8 glasses a day but if you lead a busy life might need more. Drink water whenever you need although a good alternative are juices or fruits that contain lots of water such watermelon.

9 – Eat well

Feed correctly is a priority and we must not forget that our daily diet must fundamentally incorporate fresh food , vegetables and fruits to guarantee us optimal vitamin intake .

10 – Vitamin C

Vitamin C is ideal for skin look firm and youthful, helping the collagen protein that keeps skin smooth and wrinkle free naturally formed, but also known for its powerful antioxidant effect. The best way to incorporate this vitamin is through fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Abounds in the following season foods: cantaloupe, strawberries , blackberries , green peppers , tomatoes and others who are in the market as citrus (oranges, lemons) and kiwi.

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